Tenets of the Blog

So, as founding author, I’ll make this clear right off the bat.

This is a blog designed to allow for writing of general anime topics. Be it the general discussion, reviews, philosophy, trope trend and usage, or fan base talk.  What I hope it will be is an excellent way for me to get stuff in writing and, if I’m lucky, let it spark discussion and so forth.

Anyways, the key point I wanted to make was that the key concepts of the blog were kept here:

– This blog will discuss a variety of topics. It will not hover in only one genre of anime or one period. Nor will it be a review site purely or an entirely light-hearted place. Nor one which only talks about deep conceptual ideas. If you’re a fan, you’ll find something interesting.

– This blog will stay PG-13 (or so).

– This blog will remain legal. Sites for streaming will be removed.

– This blog will actively cultivate a friendly environment, but will also be a place for discussion. There will be occasional reviews which will contradict popular opinion and some topics will not be interpreted the same way, but the openness of discussion will also be kept key.

– This blog will not tolerate trolling. Period.

– This blog will encourage fun. Anime is entertainment after all.

And that’s about it.  Blogs tend to be hard to control, but I will try to keep as close to this as possible.


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